ANHA Girls Club

ANHA Girls Club is a registered NPC and was born from the idea that by uplifting and empowering females from a young age we can cultivate a habit of holistic independence & build an entrepreneurial mindset to hone the skills of future female business owners & powerhouses.

ANHA has always been for women by women, with a mission to empower and employ more women.

Through ANHA Girls Club, we are able to live out our mission & vision.

We aim to relieve young females from the stress and worry that can be caused by the need for basic necessities.

This in turn enables her to focus on the things that need her attention to succeed in her future career and personal life. We aim to bridge the gap for girls who find themselves in difficult circumstances, mentally, financially, or emotionally.

We also focus our attention on females who fall victim to gender-based violence.

 By giving her this opportunity, she can have peace of mind to focus on herself, her education, and the prosperous future that lies ahead.